The Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator is designed to optimize video delivery (transcoding and encoding). This new product is the ideal media and graphics solution bringing together the power of Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 with the graphics performance of Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 within one system along with flexible software architecture enabling software vendors to write applications quicker for many different graphics workloads.


The Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator is a PCI Express* card containing multiple Intel® Xeon® Processors E3 v4 that is designed to speed up media and graphics applications.1 The accelerator specifically targets the graphics intensive 4k HEVC (H.265) media transcodes and other high-quality, high-compression transcodes.
The wide range of devices in the market today—from smartphones to UHD 4k televisions—has increased the need to be able to run many transcodes simultaneously at different bit rates and qualities. Running transcodes at different rates and qualties can use considerable processor bandwidth, while using graphics processor units (GPUs) handles these same tasks more efficiently versus just using software. Because the Intel Visual Compute Accelerator makes use of processor and GPU capabilities, along with plenty of memory and high bandwidth Gen 3.0 PCI Express, it can speed up these high-end graphics workloads versus using a software-only solution.

The accelerator card provides customers:
• Powerful Intel Xeon processor E3 family graphics – With Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics now in the silicon, customers can get high-end graphics performance.
• Intel Xeon processor E5 infrastructure – The power of the Intel Xeon Processor E5 with the graphics performance of Intel Xeon Processor E3 all within one system, giving customers the best of both worlds.
• Flexible software – The network drivers and reference operating system allows software vendors to help write applications quicker for many different graphics workloads.

Key Features

Target Applications

The Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator is ideal for video delivery, remote workstation, surveillance, and cloud gaming where high-end transcoding is needed.

Product Specifications

Order Code # of Processors Processor Frequency Maximum Memory PCIe* Configuration

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3 2.9 GHz Base

3.6 GHz Turbo

DDR3 SODIMM 1333/1600/1866 up to 32 GB per processor

(96 GB per card)

x16 Gen3, four lanes per processor

Full-length, full-height, double-width

Max Dynamic Frequency 1.15 GHz

GT3e 128 MB eDRAM

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